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From the mini pick to the large garden stake the Flutterbyz' will add life to any garden.  The Flutterbyz collection is alive with color, boasting our brightest Funtasmic glazes.  Formed and then hand glazed each piece is truly unique.  Made from JJ Potts durable all weather stoneware, Flutterbyz will add color to your garden for years to come.  They won't fade, rot, or weather.  Each piece has an embedded brass insert that threads onto the provided metal stake for an extra secure connection.  Feel at ease that your Flutterby won't try to take flight in a sudden gust of wind.

Found in 5 distinct sizes and several colors.

Large  11" wingspan

Medium   9.5" wingspan

Small   7" wingspan

Mini  3.5"  wingspan

Flying Tips:

  • Flutterbyz always fly together (duo's or trio's)
  • Highlight a flower pot or window box with Mini Flutterbyz.
  • Fly along a garden path for a pleasant surprise.