12" Violet ceramic birdbathYellow Birdbath on trunk stand


JJ Potts Birdbaths put a fresh twist on a timeless garden classic.  Each bath is pressed, hand fluted and brilliantly glazed.  Choose between the knotty trunk stand or a stainless-steel wire hoop hanger.  Made from our all-weather clay, bath and stand are 100% frost proof.

12" across

Glazed in 5 Brilliant Colors.

Available with Trunk Stand or Wire Hoop Hanger.

Tips for Birding

  • Change water often to keep the birds coming back.
  • Set a few pebbles or stones in the bath to provide extra footing for your feathered friends.
  • Adorn with a JJ Potts Drifter or Leaf Accent.
Blue Raspberry Tangerine

Lemon Lime


Green Tomatoe