Our Story

It all started in 1999 with a few make shift tools from the kitchen, some clay and a lot of patience. With just a few high school pottery classes under our belts, we setup our first pottery shop in the family garage and began making and selling Shroomyz ceramic garden mushrooms. The first shop was quite rudimentary to say the least, plaster from the hardware store, super soaker squirt guns and chicken wire were just a few of the makeshift tools we used to make the first Shroomyz. If anyone remembers those very first Shroomyz off the press they truly were "one of a kind." Demand for the Shroomyz grew quickly and our college friends were soon recruited to help out in the JJ Potts studio. Since then most of the original crew has moved on and got "real" jobs but, many of the current employees are still college students working their way through school.

The original Shroomyz crew 2004

Since leaving the garage, the factory has grown and more equipment has been added to the operation but the original electric kiln given to us by our father to start the operation is still in use today.  The production has evolved quite a bit over the years and we have a few more Shroomyz under our belts, but our passion for creating unique and lasting ceramic garden art lives on.  We hope you enjoy our work.   The Neff Brothers-JJ Potts  

Take a peek into the factory.