Garden Leaf Accents Ceramic ceramic leaf accentsceramic leaf accent sculpted by JJ Potts Garden artistsceramic leaf accents

Leaf Accents

JJ Potts Leaf Accents bring the outdoors in.  Add some rich, deep color to your home or garden with our authentic leaf creations.  Each piece was individually sculpted using real leaves gathered from native maple, walnut, mulberry and sycamore trees growing behind the family home along the banks of the Mill Creek.  We borrowed some of natures handy work by taking the green leafs and imprinting them into the original mold and now recreate these detailed leaf accents over an over again.  Ideal for use in the home as wall hangings, centerpieces and soap dishes.  Made from durable all weather stoneware, Leaf Accents are suited for birdbaths and fountains as well.

Available in several distinct colors and leaf types.

Large 9-10" across

Medium 7-8" across

Small 4-6" across

Fun Ideas:

  • Add color to a birdbath with a few Leaf Accents.
  • Soft cupping shape of the leafs makes a great spoon rest in the kitchen.