Ceramic Driftwood Drifter by JJ Potts Garden sculptors. Drifter ceramic driftwood by JJ Potts garden sculptors


These rustic Drifters floated down the JJ Potts production line, now let them wash ashore in your backyard.  Drifters make great birdbath accents, planters, toad houses and display pieces.  Each drifter is hand cut and sculpted  from our durable earth toned stoneware clay and will be a timeless addition to your home or garden.

Available in 3 sizes

Large   16" long 4.5" diameter

Medium  14" long 4" diameter

Small  12" long 3.5" diameter

Larger custom sizes are available by special request.

Fun Ideas:

  • Try the Large Drifter out as a planter for a ground cover plant.
  • Use in a fountain or water garden.
  • Set in a birdbath.
  • Accent a fairy garden.