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Shroomyz Crystal Collection

The original Shroomyz Crystal collection boasts a variety of  kaliedascopic colors.  These fabulous colors will add a dash of color to any garden.  Handcrafted and glazed in America by ceramic artisans, each Shroomy is unique and whimisical.  Made from the finest glazes and clays, Shroomyz just look better with time.  They won't bleach, fade or rot.  A perfect gift for the adventurous gardener. Found in 5 sizes and countless shapes:

Large 16" Tall

Medium Large 14" Tall

Medium Small 12" Tall

Small 10" Tall

Mini 8" Tall

Planting Tips

  • Shroomys like being planted together in groups. (No lone soldiers out there!)
  • Plant a different Shroomyz color scheme for every season.
  • Perfect for window boxes and planters.
  • A few Shroomyz in a fairy garden will invite a host of enchanted friends.


        -Crystal Colors now Harvesting-

Yellow-+-White White-+-Yellow Stormy-Sea
ras-+-red-+white-(2) ras-+-blue ras+blue
plum+white d-blue-+yellow d-blue+white-(2)
Armadillo-+-Red-(7) White-+-Red-(2) white+red&blue-(3)
 White-+-Green  White-+-Blue-(4)  blue-+blue-cap