-Engraved Medallions-


Our unique clay medallion process allows you to customize your handcrafted mugs with almost any logo or design imaginable.  You simply send us your logo/artwork or choose from our library of stock artwork.  Our design team will then engrave a stamping die to impress your design into the clay medallion.  The clay medallion is then applied to the face of the mug and glazed.  The excess glaze is wiped from the surface of the medallion leaving the glaze in the background.  After firing, the handcrafted mugs emerge from the kiln with your logo permanently cast in stoneware in incredible detail.


The Process

Engrave Die→

Handcrafted Mugs

Make  Medallions →Handcrafted Mugs Apply Medallions→Handcrafted Mugs customized with your company logo. Glaze MugsHandcrafted mugs customized with your company logo.

Medallion Artwork for Handcrafted Mugs

You have two options when selecting artwork for your handcrafted mugs.  You can choose from our library of stock artwork or you can submit your own custom logo.  If possible we prefer submitted custom artwork files to be in vector format.  Our designers can also create artwork from scratch and help you get just the design you are looking for.  Here are just a few examples of some of our stock and custom artwork.

Handcrafted Mug Medallion Custom License Plates National Forests Hunting
States National Parks Fishing Camping

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How the Ordering Process Works.

We make ordering your customized american made handcrafted mugs simple. After submitting your business info we will contact your with wholesale pricing, glaze and artwork options.  For custom artwork our designers will get to work creating medallion artwork and send you a proof.  Upon approval a stamping die is made and the order is sent out to the pottery production floor.  Ceramic mug orders are typically  made and shipped in about two weeks.   While you’re waiting for us to get back to you, feel free to take a look at our glaze colors here.