Ceramic Garden Mushrooms by JJPotts

If you've happened upon our website in search of ceramic garden mushrooms then you have found the right place.  We know you're probably thinking, are there really people who make ceramic garden mushrooms or toadstools for a living?  Yes, Yes there are.  We're JJ Potts and we make Shroomyz Ceramic Garden Mushrooms along with other unique ceramic garden art and lawn ornaments.  We make each and every piece of ceramic garden art from start to finish right here in our dusty little ceramic factory.  We use all american clays, glazes mixed from scratch and the finest pigments from around the world.  The curious journey from raw clay to finished mushroom involves many steps and takes about 7 days.  By the time each colorful ceramic mushroom emerges from the 2000 degree kiln and is ready to be shipped out into the world it has  touched more than a dozen pairs of hands.

Ceramic Garden Mushrooms - All Created Equal?

You might ask, are all ceramic garden mushrooms created equal?  No, no they aren't.  Making a durable, colorful, frost proof ceramic mushroom may seem straight forward, but it's actually a very difficult process that has taken us over 15 years to perfect.  And  honestly there just aren't that many folks willing to dedicate 15 years of their lives to perfecting the art of making garden mushrooms.

Frost Proof

In 2014 after 13 years of failed attempts and hundreds upon hundreds of clay tests we finally came up with a clay that allowed our Shroomyz to be vitrified and frost proof, while still maintaining our signature vibrant colors. This clay allows us to make Shroomyz that are very durable outdoors and will last in your garden for a long time.

Colorful Glazes

If we're going to go to all the trouble of making ceramics, why would we skimp on color!?!  We go to great length to create the brightest most beautiful glazes.  In fact those "great lengths" take us all the way to Spain!  We import most of our pigments from the Spain , where the spanish ceramic color masters have spent centuries creating the best ceramic pigments.

Fixed Cap and Stem:

Them stem and cap on our Shroomyz are cast and fired together.  No loose, shaky, glued caps here.

American Made:

We are proud that each and every ceramic mushrooms we make is created by our crew in our unconventional little ceramic factory.  We don't want to boast but we are proud to be one of the very few traditional ceramic factories that has survived the assault on American manufacturing.  Most of  the original mushroom making crew  has moved on to "grown up" jobs, but there are still a few of us here.

The Neff Brothers Making Ceramic Garden Mushrooms

The Neff Brothers working in the Shroomyz factory.

Well, enough about us.  Feel free to take a look at all of the Shroomyz currently harvesting!

-The Mushroom Makers at JJ Potts